Gas Measurement in Nuclear Power Plants

Kurz flow meters are used in a variety of areas outside the reactor area:

  • Isokinetic sampling systems for local and remote sites
  • Sampling and monitoring radioactive particulate emissions
  • Sampling and monitoring drumming and stairwell areas
  • Measuring forced draft and induced draft combustion air
  • Measuring HVAC systems
  • Monitoring post-accident stack
  • Sampling and monitoring plant vents

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Nuclear Industries

All exhaust ports in a nuclear facility must be measured and sampled, no matter how small, even those from storage areas or offices. All air going out must be sampled for the presence of radiation. Incoming draft air is measured for precise control of negative pressure in the facility. Steam emitted from the cooling towers must be measured and monitored. Air delivery lines, HVAC systems, turbine room exhaust and gas storage processes must be measured and monitored.